nuns are my life ok

I'm gay, I cosplay, I really like Hellsing, Sailor Moon and KLK

22, new england based and unhealthily obsessed with nuns with thigh highs

things i want to do:

-cosplay mikisugi

but my boobs hurt they constantly hurt any pressure on them hurts. if i am not wearing a bra with a nice amount of padding and support, they hurt. even with that, if i run, they hurt. i have B cup boobs, which to some people means they can’t hurt idk why they assume that

-i’m a bit uncomfortable cosplaying a guy but i mean i can try again?? i’d rather look femme but people aren’t comfortable with the idea of genderbends but i’m not entirely down with binding is there some sort of inbetween bc i’d like to be comfortable in what i cosplay

things i can’t do:

-keep my boobs for mikisugi???
plus i wanted to construct a bra that’d allow for LED pasties

can i just keep my damn boobs and not alter my face

i mean i’ll attempt it butlkdl;a

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